About the film

The Ghost Who Walks is a film written and to be directed by Cody Stokes that has tremendous potential, financially and artistically. With streaming platforms changing the film industry like never before, there is a seemingly unquenchable thirst for quality films of all sizes. Never before has low budget cinema had this opportunity to have such a wide and eager audience both domestically and abroad. This new frontier of streaming content partnered with the more traditional cinematic routes like theatrical screenings and festival runs has opened up a unique space for a film like The Ghost Who Walks to thrive. 

The Ghost Who Walks stands alone from most films being made on an indie level at the moment. Unlike the talking head films we are so used to seeing produced on a low budget tier, The Ghost Who Walks comes to the table with an edge, energy, and ambition that has not been seen in independent cinema since the 60’s and 70’s. 

With the current political climate churning rebellion in the air domestically, and the insatiable appetite for American crime films abroad, the time is right to make a film that can feed an international audience hungry for a genre bending noir that hits hard and leaves a mark.